Imagine seeing your child's novel on Amazon - there for all the world to see. What an incredible achievement!

Our aim is to ensure that your child writing capabilities attain a much higher level within the twelve-month period.

By the end of twelve months, your child will have achieved the following:

  • Written and published their own novel
  • Attained an even greater depth of writing
  • Attained an ability to constructively criticise and edit their own writing
  • Attained highly developed writing styles for different types of writing
  • Developed an excellent reading culture
  • Co-written a play

Why Your Child Should Enrol

Storybook Competition

your child will also have the opportunity to win the Annual Young Authors Competition, with a first-place prize of £ 500

How it works

The Young Authors Club meets twice a week every week. All sessions are online.

What Parents Say

This course brought my son into a new way of thinking with his writing, with Segun’s enthusiasm, creativity, and direction. He is now so much more confident. He enjoyed the sessions so much. I recommend these courses and anything Segun is running.