The Storybook Club is designed to ignite your child's passion for reading and writing.


Would you like your child to not only be inspired to read and write more but also thoroughly enjoy doing so?

In the space of just twelve months, your child will have achieved the following:

  • Co-written and published a storybook with other club members
  • Written and published a storybook on her own
  • Significantly grown in confidence
  • Developed excellent reading, writing, and social skills
  • Developed an in-depth understanding and usage of different styles of writing
  • Developed a far better level of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Created an excellent portfolio of writing
  • Significantly improved handwriting and typing skills

Why Your Child Should Enrol

Storybook Competition

Your child will also have the chance to win our Annual Storybook Competition, with a first-place prize of £150

Robust Curriculum

What makes our Storybook Club different and so much more impactful more impactful than other similar programmes is its unique blendof Creative Writing and Drama.

Your child will learn how to:

  • Narrate and act-out stories, and thereby significantly grow in confidence
  • Put their¬† imagination into words
  • Create characters and scenes
  • Use a variety of words in different contexts, thereby significantly improving their vocabulary and grammar
  • Show and not tell, thereby enabling them to connect effectively with readers
  • Structure sentences effectively
  • Develop and implement an excellent writing process

What People Say

My son has always been interested in writing but this has got him hooked on it. He's writing every day now and practicing the techniques he was taught. As a result, he aced the School Creative Writing Assessment Test
It's been great learning how to write. I loved the classes, and it has helped with writing stories in common entrance and at school. Mr. Olusegun is funny and yet he is also serious and I really enjoyed the course. Thank you, Mr. Olusegun.